Bank Marketing When Interest Rates Are Almost Zero

Judging by all the ads I saw on my commute this morning, Capital One has rolled out a new marketing campaign. At least half-a-dozen ads on my Metro car announced that Capital One offers interest rates that are five times higher  than offered by their competitors:

And what is that 5x interest rate? Just one percent.

Such are times–and bank marketing–when short-term rates are almost zero.

4 thoughts on “Bank Marketing When Interest Rates Are Almost Zero”

  1. I have wondered about that – every time I am close to a TV I see one of their ads.

  2. lol love it. One thing I could never figure out about banks is whether there is a regulated interest rate, hope you can shed some light on that.

  3. “Il est soup?onné d’avoir 40 ans et de Londres. Proches parents ont été informés, mais nous attendons identification formelle avant de relacher le nom du défunt.”

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