Top Posts of 2011

Happy almost New Year everyone!

As we head into 2012, here’s a look back at the most popular (by pageviews) posts from 2011. Federal budget issues dominate the list, but pizza, cupcakes, and North Korea also made the cut.

Why do half of Americans pay no federal income tax? (Spoiler: low incomes)

The day the United States defaulted on Treasury bills (In 1979, not 2011)

Six thoughts on taxes and small business (rhetoric vs. reality)

Five things you should know about the S&P downgrade (#5. S&P wasn’t 1st)

S&P’s $2 trillion error (oops)

Top posts in 2010

North Korea’s economic failure in one picture (“North Korea is dark.”)

The behavioral economics of leftover pizza (six slices are more filling than two)

Several posts from prior years also put in good showings:

The 50 most important economic theories and A list of the top 50 economic theories (search-engine optimized titles)

200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes (Hans Rosling does his thing; watch again)

Cupcake economics (cupcakeries have done better than I guessed)

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