North Korea’s Economic Failure in a Second Picture

North Korea isn’t just dark. If you look at the nation’s per capita income, it’s clear that the economic situation has gotten darker.

Over at the Washington Post Wonkblog, Brad Plumer crunches the data on per capita income in South and North Korea since the 1970s. Stunning divergence:

Note that Kim Jong Il took power in 1994.

P.S. Data about North Korea’s economy are, of course, spotty and incomplete. That’s why the line for North Korea is so flat; in many years, reported GDP per capita doesn’t change. So take the specifics with a grain of salt. But the overall picture remains the same.

2 thoughts on “North Korea’s Economic Failure in a Second Picture”

  1. no lights, no income, no one truly in power now that the Dictator is dead … No wonder the Won is down 1.4% after the news …

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