The U.S. Economy is Weak, Uncertain, and Fragile

At least according to the latest Kauffman survey of economics bloggers by Tim Kane. Here’s the word cloud of responses when the bloggers (including me) were asked for up to five adjectives to describe the U.S. economy in Q4 2011:

Comparing this to the last survey in July, the good news is that “vulnerable” has gotten smaller. The bad news is that “recovering” has disappeared (at least I couldn’t find it):

7 thoughts on “The U.S. Economy is Weak, Uncertain, and Fragile”

  1. If Americans can just hang on for another year, we should see a more pro-growth, pro-business government installed at the federal level. In the meantime, state governments are moving in that direction as well.

  2. We don’t have a pro-business government now? How amusing you are, Alan. Our government is now run by people who have decided to impede any progress in improving conditions in this country. I am under the impression that this obstructionism is their manner of encouraging growth and encouraging business. How did I go wrong here? No, never mind……Unless you mean the voters will throw out the nay-sayers and elect people who actually do have ideas and are willing to carry them out…….Perhaps? I should live so long.

  3. I didn’t see “green shoots” in the verbal picture or “financial fraud” “foreclosure fraud” or even “crony capitalism or “wall st. bailout. Perhaps the economy is uncertain, but the reasons why are very certain.

    After widespread criminal fraud and no prosecution, faith in the economy and public institutions erodes like the savings of a laid off worker searching for the job that never comes.

    Anyone who lives outside of NYC and Washington D.C. can plainly see the country is in a depression and is not recovering. The news media’s favorite adjective is “unexpectedly” which precedes every bit of economic news they cannot sweep under the rug or obfuscate with misleading statistics which are thereupon revised to an even worse level the following reporting period.

    Its a mad dance of made up numbers and lies from whole cloth fabricated on the spot or custom made for the moments and still they dare call it “recovery”.

    I laugh for I dare not cry.

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