I Found What I Was Looking For …

Just back from eight days in southeast Alaska. I won’t torment you with too much of a travelogue (my wife and I have another blog for that; so far it covers the first day of the trip).

But I will note that we did find puffins, glaciers, and humpback whales, as wished in my last post. And what about grizzly bears? Well, we got those too, albeit with an asterisk. Turns out that the salmon-eating coastal bears are called brown bears, while their inland cousins are the grizzlies. Learn something new every day.

For bonus points, we also found salmon-eating black bears:

One thought on “I Found What I Was Looking For …”

  1. Don’t pet the bears, they leave nasty scars. Alaska is beautiful, can we move the entire population there if global warming turns out to be true?

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation. The semi-pristine wilderness is a great place to clear your mind and regain perspective. Life is too short, not to pause and enjoy the bounty and beauty of nature.

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