Google and Me

A strange this happened last week: Google misplaced my blog.

I’ve run all the usual diagnostics, and I can confirm that Google still knows that my blog exists. But it no longer appears in any of the searches – e.g., “natural gas price”, “unemployment”, “budget deficit”, or “brooke boemio” – that used to help new readers find posts on my site.

Things are so bad, in fact, that my blog doesn’t even come up when you search for “donald marron”. I feel an existential crisis coming on.

I presume this is just the result of some obscure algorithm tweak and that, over time, my posts will reappear in the ranks of the Google-worthy. But it’s fun to imagine that Google is mad at me for my posts criticizing the way it reports unemployment data.

I just checked and, no surprise, Google is still reporting the wrong data. If you search for “unemployment rate”, Google will tell you that the U.S. unemployment rate was 9.6% in August, when in fact it was 9.7%. Why the difference? Because Google is reporting an obscure measure of unemployment, not the one used by 99% of the world.

3 thoughts on “Google and Me”

  1. I reported the unemployment data issue internally at Google a month or so ago. I’m still waiting for definitive action on it, although one reponse I got was that an advantage to seeing the non-seasonally-adjusted data was that it can be compared against state and local unemployment data, which is not available in seasonally-adjusted form.

    But even so, what Google has now needs a prominent explanation and a pointer to the seasonally-adjusted data, if nothing else.

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